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20: How Fast Growth B2B Firms Can Use Marketing to Drive Results

Drew Miller

Roll Cast Advisors’ Drew Miller believes marketing is all about relationships

Drew Miller, founder and CEO of Roll Cast Advisors in Austin, Texas, thinks marketing done well forms meaningful relationships between companies and people. And meaningful relationships grow and thrive when companies deliver something that’s really important to the customer.

“You always want to know your customer, says Drew. “You want to speak in ways and at places that really matter to them. And increasingly do it in a way that it’s a two-way street. The days of one-way conversations are long behind us.”

Miller founded Roll Cast Advisors, a marketing and strategy consultancy, a little over a year ago after a 15-year stint in various marketing positions at Dell. Roll Cast Advisors seeks to help high-growth B2B companies create marketing strategies that achieve activation and deliver results.

Highlights from this week’s “Marketing Today” podcast include:

How does a fast-growth B2B company determine whether they’re ready for marketing? (1:30)

Putting money into marketing without increasing your sales force to achieve smart activation and lift. (5:35)

Deciding where to invest in marketing. (6:20)

What lessons can small companies learn from big companies? (11:02)

The importance of B2B companies understanding what brand is and that it really does matter. (15:18)

How relationships between brands and customers can thrive. Hint: Information is key. (20:37)

Marketers should try to look at things through their customers’ eyes. (22:37)

And, finally, what does it mean to keep Austin weird? (25:25)