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197: Brand, Rebrand & Simplicity with Margaret Molloy of Siegel+Gale

Margaret Molloy, CMO at Siegel+Gale

During this 197th episode of “Marketing Today,” host Alan Hart interviews Margaret Molloy, the global chief marketing officer and head of business development at Siegel+Gale.  She has over twenty-five years of experience as a marketing executive.

We discuss Molloy’s background and what led her to Siegel+Gale. Then we have a wide-ranging discussion about rebranding and the potential benefits of a rebrand, as well as the value of brand simplicity.

Molloy explains when a company should consider a rebrand. She says that when you choose to rebrand, “It should signal a strategic change, not just a cosmetic one.” Then she shares some of Siegel+Gale’s philosophy when she reflects, “When simplicity is done well, it brings productivity instead of paralysis. It brings confidence instead of confusion. And ultimately, customer trust instead of angst.” Molloy also provides a valuable perspective on why brand matters to B2B now more than ever. Her insights into marketing trends and the surging emphasis on customer experience round out this riveting conversation.

Highlights from this week’s “Marketing Today”:

  • Margaret describes what it’s like for her to raise two teenage boys in New York City. 01:38
  • Learn about Margaret’s career path and how she ended up at Siegel+Gale. 02:58
  • Margaret advises listeners on when a company should consider a rebrand. 06:09
  • Hear Margaret’s take on the potential ROI of rebranding. 09:44
  • Margaret outlines the pitfalls dictating the failure and success of a rebrand. 12:44
  • How Siegel+Gale thinks about branding and the part simplicity plays in their philosophy. 14:06
  • Siegel+Gale’s work with B2B. 17:27
  • The current state of brand and B2B. 18:21
  • Margaret provides highlights from her research on the world’s simplest brands and shares her findings of how simplicity pays off for businesses. 25:53
  • Margaret compares RyanAir and Southwest. 30:24
  • What are the priorities Margaret is seeing from her clients in early 2020? 32:08
  • Learn about one of Margaret’s personal projects, #wearingirish. 36:52
  • Is there an experience in her past that defines who she is today? 39:28
  • Are there any brands, companies, or causes that Margaret follows that she thinks other people should take notice of? 41:48
  • As a marketer, what does she feel is the biggest opportunity or threat that is facing marketers? 44:34

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