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192: Media Evolution with Chief Media Officer at Lilly, Lina Shields

Lina Shields, Chief Media Officer at Lilly

During this 192nd episode of “Marketing Today,” host Alan Hart interviews Lina Shields, the chief media officer for Lilly USA.  Starting in sales and eventually moving into marketing, she’s now one of Adage’s “Women to Watch in 2019.”

Shields originally majored in political science with the intent to work in global policy to “change the world.”  She shares about the importance of mentoring and advice on how to improve your career and advocate for yourself.  She also gives insight into the “next-generation” of the consumer landscape.

Although Sheilds works in the commercial space now with Lilly, her job is to “give information that can help [people] lead healthier and longer lives.”  Shields quickly learned that doctors and she “had something in common, which was that we were both motivated by the best interest of the patient.”  “Great marketing is when you understand the core intention of your targeted audience.”

Highlights from this week’s “Marketing Today”:

  • Lina’s background in Italy and her journey to the US. 01:10
  • 2 Pivotal twists that brought Leena to her current role with Lily. 02:47
  • Lina’s fascinating internship story: Internship, what is an internship? 06:58
  • The experience of a new full-time position in sales. 11:35
  • The importance of “breadth of the portfolio” and key connections. 13:46
  • Defining the chief media officer role. 15:53
  • 3 “big buckets” under the chief media officer role. 18:16
  • The “next-generation” consumer landscape and focus of media in marketing. 20:41
  • How Lilly is committed to its multi-cultural marketing vision. 25:18
  • Lina’s approach to mentoring early-career professionals. 31:52
  • Three pieces of advice for mentees and early-career professionals. 33:34
  • An experience(s) of Lina’s past that defines her today. 36:35
  • Advice Lina would give herself if she were starting over. 39:55
  • Brands, companies, or organizations to take notice of. 43:30
  • The future of marketing, according to Lina Shields. 46:36

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