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191: The power of music with Genius CRO Rob Elder

Rob Elder, CRO at Genius

During this 191st episode of “Marketing Today,” host Alan Hart interviews Rob Elder, the chief revenue officer at Genius. Genius is the world’s largest encyclopedia of lyrics and music. It’s a leading brand in music producing popular video series’ like “Verified,” “Deconstructed,” “Genius News,” and “Open Mic,” reaching over 100 million people monthly across the globe.

Elder started his career at agency Grey Direct as an assistant media planner, then moved into the “sales” side of the business with Sony. He’s been with Genius for a little over two years and had the opportunity to drive growth and focus on developing processes to help the startup be successful.

Elder shares his unique journey and the importance of mentors in that journey. He discusses what Genius brings to the music industry and bringing back the “deeper connection and message that the artist is trying to convey.” He shares about the power of music, branding, and marketing legitimacy. “Brands are starting to recognize…that if they want something fun, intimate, cool, and that moves the needle with the younger consumer, Genius is the place to do that.”

Highlights from this week’s “Marketing Today”:

  • Rob’s background and the path to becoming CRO of Genius. 01:23
  • Key mentors that helped Rob along the way and how. 02:10
  • The offering “Genius” provides to the music industry. 04:46
  • Highlights for Genius over the last two years. 06:50
  • The power of music for brand partnerships. 08:58
  • A breakdown of Genius’ brand and artist relationships. 10:41
  • Examples of brand/artist relationships. 12:16
  • The future of Genius going forward. 14:43
  • Specific partnerships that will “move the needle” for Genius. 16:48
  • How data drives the strategy for Genius. 17:26
  • The experience of Rob’s past that defines who he is today. 18:51
  • Advice for the “younger” Rob. 19:40
  • Brands, Companies, or Causes to take notice of. 20:44
  • Most significant opportunity or threat to marketers. 22:37

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