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187: Microsoft Bing Evangelist Christi Olson on Accessibility, Search and Voice

Christi Olson, Evangelist for Bing at Microsoft

During this 187th episode of “Marketing Today,” host Alan Hart interviews Christi Olson, head of evangelism for Bing at Microsoft. Olson has led in-house digital marketing at teams at a number of companies for over a decade. This episode was a part of a series of interviews conducted at the Internet Summit in Raleigh, NC.

Olson, a search practitioner for 15 years, was the first full-time employee at Microsoft to manage search.  She left the company to get some “outside” experience before rejoining Microsoft in her current role.

Olson shares with us about Bing search marketing, accessibility and the impact on SEO, voice as a search method and user interface, and trust as it relates to customers.  “Most web developers and SEO’s don’t really think about accessibility first when they’re developing a site and content.”  Olson shares the importance of leveling the playing field for all people in search and “why we should start thinking about it first and foremost and not as an after-the-fact process.”

Highlights from this week’s “Marketing Today”:

  • Christi’s background and journey to her current role with Bing at Microsoft. 01:12
  • Why Accessibility is so critical at this moment. 02:09
  • Ranking factors and accessibility. 05:01
  • Good SEO practices to make accessibility a priority. 06:05
  • The future of “voice” in search. 08:00
  • What marketers should be thinking about when it comes to voice discovery. 10:22
  • The “trust” factor: earning customer trust for your products. 13:52
  • Microsoft’s approach to advertising and trust. 16:10

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