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184: Marketing a Unicorn with Pendo CMO, Jake Sorofman

Jake Sorofman, CMO at Pendo

During this 184th episode of “Marketing Today,” host Alan Hart interviews Jake Sorofman, the chief marketing officer at Pendo, in front of a live audience.  Before Pendo, Sorofman was the vice president and chief of research at Gartner.

In October of 2019, Pendo became a newly minted “unicorn” with a valuation of over $1 billion, and a recent injection of $100 million in venture capital. Sorofman shares more about Pendo and what marketing looks like at scale and exceptionally high growth rates.

The real goal for Pendo was to “build a billion-dollar company, a company that has lasting and enduring value in a community, creates lots of jobs, and delivers value to customers.”   Pendo is an “integrated set of tools that help digital product teams make better decisions and create better experiences in web and mobile apps.”  Learn from the incredible growth of Pendo and the experience of Sorofman through that fast growth and an expanding organization.

Highlights from this week’s “Marketing Today”:

  • The Life of the CMO of a “Unicorn company” 02:39
  • What do you do with $100 million? 03:17
  • Defining Pendo and its role in the market? 04:21
  • The three major target markets for Pendo. 05:19
  • The landscape of marketing at Pendo. 07:02
  • The importance of “events” in marketing. 07:56
  • Jake’s insight into “performance marketing” and “brand marketing.” 09:03
  • Advice for other fast-growth companies. 10:20
  • Triple, Triple, Double, Double, Double: the rate of growth for Pendo 10:50
  • The four keys to making marketing “more valuable.” 11:32
  • The importance of discussions at the “executive table.” 13:40
  • The current “state of talent” in the marketing industry. 14:40
  • How to be successful as Chief Marketing Officer. 15:55
  • The key to earning the right to your audience’s attention. 16:38
  • The importance of content marketing in your toolbag. 16:55

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