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182: Four Billion Views on TikTok and More with the CMO of EOS Products Soyoung Kang

Soyoung Kang, CMO at eos Products

During this 182nd episode of “Marketing Today,” host Alan Hart interviews Soyoung Kang, the chief marketing officer at EOS Products.  Soyoung brings a unique perspective and expertise in strategy and brand development.

Kang shares her career journey, which started with a bachelor’s degree in architecture from MIT.  The journey continued with a transition from consulting at Boston Consulting to vice president at Bath & Body Works, leading to her current role at EOS.

Since joining EOS, Kang’s launched a reboot of the core brand, including the creative identity, strategic vision, product pipeline, messaging strategy, and content.  She debuted a new campaign called “Make It Awesome,” as well as the EOS flavor lab. When asked what the biggest challenge of driving so much change was, Kang said, “the toughest part of it was truly flying the plane while we were building it.”

Highlights from this week’s “Marketing Today”:

  • Soyoung’s fascination with Architecture: “It’s a personal passion of mine, and it fuels how I like to think about what I bring to my day-to-day.” 01:40
  • A “little detour” for the Fulbright Fellowship. 04:03
  • Recruited into Consulting: “They have a way of thinking that consulting firms see as a strategic potential and a way of breaking down problem-solving.” 05:03
  • Soyoung’s adventure into marketing via strategy. 06:02
  • Shifting into a “Head of the Brand” role. 08:05
  • “If I consider the first 10 years of my career as learning how to be a strategic thinker, the next 10 years of my career were really understanding how to create brand stories.” 08:58
  • Soyoung’s current role as CMO at EOS: “After leaving Bath & Body Works, I really wanted to take on something that was different in scale.” 09:46
  • The Unique offering of the EOS brand. 10:40
  • Deciding what to tackle as the first CMO for a company. 11:44
  • The “First 4 Weeks” strategy: understanding the consumer. 14:35
  • The importance of describing your core consumer. 18:19
  • Key strategies and “edit points” on messaging through social media. 19:37
  • Micro-batch: a unique, new commercial platform. 20:40
  • The approach of the EOS “Make It Awesome” brand campaign. 23:26
  • The amazing success of EOS brand’s first-ever “Tik Tok” campaign. 24:39
  • Advice for marketers working with Influencers. 28:50
  • A great example of the importance of a Speed-to-Market strategy: the EOS #flavorlab. 29:32
  • Starting a new role with tons of change: “The toughest part of it was truly flying the plane while we were building it.” 33:02
  • The Immigrant experience: the most defining experience of Soyoung’s past that makes up who she is today. 34:42
  • Advice to your younger self, if starting over. “There are a lot of ways to get to the ultimate goal.” 37:06
  • Brands, Companies, or Organizations to take notice of. 38:10
  • The most attractive opportunities OR pitfalls/threats as a marketer. 39:46
  • What is the future of marketing? 41:26

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