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178: Oreo: a 100-year success story with Justin Parnell

Justin Parnell, Head of Oreo Brand, Mondelez

During this episode of “Marketing Today,” host Alan Hart interviews Justin Parnell,  the head of Oreo brand marketing and senior director at Mondelez.  He has over 15 years of experience building some of the most iconic food and snack brands.

Parnell shares with us not only how to survive but thrive in center-store and grocery.  He talks about how you maintain relevance as a 100-year-old cookie as culture changes, as your consumer base changes, and continue to innovate.  He also shares how to be successful in zero-based budgeting (ZBB).

Justin discusses the importance of staying relevant in the demanding environment of consumer package goods (CPG).  “The brands that do well place a premium on being distinctive.”  Modern-day marketers have to focus on being able to execute great strategies in a way that makes them distinctive.  Parnell shares the necessity for marketers to make an impact on the world in setting the tone for greater inclusivity.

Highlights from this week’s “Marketing Today”:

  • Justin’s background and path towards Mondelez. 01:45
  • Pivotal twists along the journey 03:46
  • How does a CPG brand thrive and grow in a challenging environment? 06:51
  • The importance of being distinctive and willing to evolve. 07:41
  • How Oreo has maintained its relevance as a 100-year-old cookie. 09:56
  • Successfully incorporating diversity and inclusion in your brand story. 15:42
  • Re-defining the “multi-cultural” market. 19:36
  • The latest in digital marketing and how marketers should be using those tools. 21:31
  • Tips on taking marketing “24/7” 24:42
  • What’s working to track the younger demographics? 26:20
  • The variety of sources for ideas. 30:03
  • How to quickly capitalize on shifting your product to the culture. 33:00
  • The philosophy for Mondelez on how to approach zero-based budgeting. 35:58
  • An experience of Justin’s past that defines who he is today. 38:18
  • What drives Justin day-to-day? 39:32
  • Brands, companies, or organizations to be aware of. 40:50
  • What does Justin have to say about the future of marketing? 43:46

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