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173: Merging Art and Science with Dara Treseder at Carbon

Dara Treseder, CMO at Carbon

During this episode of “Marketing Today,” host Alan Hart interviews Dara Treseder, Chief Marketing Officer at Carbon. Before Carbon, Treseder was the CMO at GE Ventures, which is GE’s corporate venture capital arm and GE’s business innovations, focused on new business creation and new marketing development and technology licensing. Before GE, Treseder led various marketing efforts at Apple and Goldman Sachs. Today on the show, the discussion with Treseder revolves around her current role at Carbon, her Nigerian roots, as well as insightful lessons and mentors she has had, along with marketing and product developments.

Dara explains what Carbon is, which is the world’s leading digital manufacturing platform, helping companies accelerate product innovation. She talks about the three key things that were critical during her entrance into Carbon: elevating Carbon as a brand, having people understand who Carbon is/what they do/why it matters, help drive growth and make sure the marketing and communication are set up for success. She also shares how Carbon uses technology and innovation to protect football players and how they marketed this idea during a Super Bowl.

What made Treseder such an excellent fit for Carbon? She says, “at the core of who I am, I am an analytical thinker. But I am also a true creative. I love marrying art and science. And I think, you know for the future of marketing, that is what it is all about.” Treseder discusses things that Carbon does to impact the marketplace, “it is all about how can you use data and technology to reach people and how can you communicate and connect with people in a way that truly resonates with them.” What does it take to be as innovative as Carbon has consistently? “The only way you can really create these breakthrough products is innovation across those three elements: the software that you use to design, the hardware that you use to make it, and the material from which the product is actually made.”

Highlights from this week’s “Marketing Today”:

  • What does Dara miss the most about Nigeria, and what is her favorite food? (01:40)
  • Where did Dara start her career? (04:06)
  • What was her charter as she was coming into Carbon? (06:50)
  • What exactly is Carbon and when was it founded? (07:35)
  • Dara talks about her past start-up and what a ‘fat start-up’ is? (08:37)
  • What drew Dara to Carbon itself? (10:40)
  • How are partnerships driving Carbon’s business? (12:33)
  • How did Dara turn around a Super Bowl in early February so quickly after just joining in December? (15:10)
  • Dara discusses a new Carbon bike saddle that they are crafting. (20:31)
  • Is there an experience in Dara’s life that has defined who she is today? (22:39)
  • What advice would she give to her younger self? (27:00)
  • What fuels Dara Treseder to keep going in his career and life? (27:43)
  • Are there brands that she thinks we should pay attention to? (29:11)
  • Where does Dara see the future of marketing going? (30:32)

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