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168: Anas Ghazi from Kantar on WPP, Growth & Data

Anas Ghazi, Growth Lead at Kantar and WPP

During this episode of “Marketing Today,” Alan Hart interviews Anas Ghazi, Growth Officer at Kantar. Ghazi’s path to Kantar stems from his background in computer programming, his work in data analysis at TransUnion then data analytics and digital marketing platforms at American Express. He then headed to WPP, working on their data alliance initiative, of which he eventually became CEO of, before his current role of driving growth and partnerships at Kantar.

Ghazi discusses growing up in Wembley outside of London, watching a lot of Sylvester Stallone movies and initially becoming an actor. He then talks about transitioning to becoming a data engineer at TransUnion in Chicago and working on portfolio reviews for customer banks. Ghazi also opens up about his move the New York and American Express work, as well as, his early days of digital data at WPP working on the company’s data alliance initiative. We also cover the current state of WPP’s proposed sale of a majority stake in Kantar and how Kantar is transforming and consolidating under the parent brand.

What did Ghazi do when he went from Chicago at TransUnion over to New York City, the center of the world’s financial markets, to work for American Express? “I was a part of the analytics and capabilities group, and for about four weeks where my role was to pretty much oversee the relationships with the credit bureaus.” He quickly was tapped to help the company’s digital transformation efforts for risk management and card management units and bringing in data partnerships with outside partners. Anas then made another leap over to WPP, “I started off as a director and then I began doing these partnerships and then began doing expansion and then moved my way up from director to global director to managing director and then to CEO in about three and a half-ish years.” Anas on his latest role at Kantar, “we are in really exciting times at Kantar. We are a data, insight, and consultancy firm. We do all three, and we do them well.”

Highlights from this week’s “Marketing Today”:

  • Anas Ghazi introduces himself and his experience once pursuing a career in acting. (01:24)
  • Anas talks about his business experience at TransUnion. (04:33)
  • What was the prompt for Anas to go from TransUnion to American Express? (11:13)
  • Has data been the common thread for his career? (14:52)
  • Anas talks about his transition into WPP. (17:00)
  • What was it that brought Anas over to Kantar? (23:34)
  • Multi-skilled people that think outside of the box are often overlooked in the business world. (30:30)
  • What types of thoughtful and meaningful work is Kantar doing? (33:02)
  • What does the recapitalization of WPP mean? (35:35)
  • How can businesses effectively apply diversity reports? (37:26)
  • Is there an experience in Anas’s life that has defined who he is today? (38:00)
  • What advice would he give to his younger self? (45:15)
  • What fuels Anas to keep going in his career and life? (46:08)
  • Are there brands that we should pay attention to? (46:56)
  • Where does Anas see the future of marketing going? (50:48)

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