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165: A Brave New World – Developing a Culture of Marketing Innovation

Culture of Marketing Innovation Panel

This episode of “Marketing Today” was recorded live at the 2019 Incite Group Brand Marketing Summit in San Francisco. The topic of this panel discussion was “A Brave New World – Developing a Culture of Marketing Innovation.” Host Alan Hart moderates the discussion that includes Russell Barnett, CMO of My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream, Karen Kelly, marketing director, at The UPS Store, and Alison Herzog, former marketing director, global social business and digital technology at Dell.

The panel discusses the importance of flexibility and the willingness to do something different, why employees have to know what your ‘why’ is and buy into it, why innovation is the heart and soul of success, why you should be data-informed instead of data-driven so that you are still following your gut. Also, learn more about why marketing isn’t dead, it is just evolving, why you need to give people the chance to spend some money or to fail if that is what it takes, and the importance of getting out of the office for new ideas.

Alison Herzog shares her must-have for marketing innovation when she states, “You have to have a culture of trust. So that anybody can speak up, whether they want to call you to the carpet and say ‘I think that is a terrible idea,’ or be willing to throw out things that feel crazy.”

Karen Kelly explains how the guarded gates of innovation can open up when you, “Give people permission to spend some money. Let them try some new tactics. Let your agencies try some new tactics.” Russell Barnett explains how he encourages younger employees by stating, “I want to understand who people want to be when they grow up. Because I am on my way out.”

Highlights from this week’s “Marketing Today”:

  • All the panelists introduce themselves and offer their must-haves for marketing innovation. (01:28)
  • What are the necessary ingredients to drive innovation? (03:38)
  • How do they get their marketing ideas? (09:42)
  • What do they think of innovation titled roles in marketing teams? (18:06)
  • What is their brainstorming process for products and brands? (20:27)
  • What is the best way for a marketing team to propose and implement innovative tactics in the corporate world? (22:12)
  • How do you structure innovative brainstorms or processes to try to spark the creative synergy or creative thinking? (26:35)
  • How does one eager millennial marketer convince one very old school team to go into the modern age? (31:27)
  • When will My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream have a two-ball single-serve pack of Mochi balls? (36:10)
  • How can you affect change to try new things when you are lower on the totem pole? (37:59)
  • How much do you rely on regional test marketing before launching nationally? (39:55)
  • What does the future of marketing look like? (42:25)

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