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162: Mayur Gupta on Freshly, Spotify and harnessing chaos

Mayur Gupta, CMO at Freshly

This week on “Marketing Today,” Alan interviews Mayur Gupta, the chief marketing officer at Freshly. Mayur’s experiences include past roles as vice president of growth and marketing at Spotify as well as at Kimberly-Clark as the global head of marketing technology and innovation and then as the global head of the omni channel experiences and platforms.

Gupta talks about the current state and future state of marketing from his unique perspective of an engineer and having obtained a master’s degree in computer science. He also shares insight on Freshly’s target goal of providing food and wellness to over 100 million people, the importance of having a point-of-view in marketing, and his definition of growth that includes the growth of the brand, the user base, and the user value.

Gupta also delves into the constant changing of ideas and strategy in marketing by saying, “The goal is not to kill that chaos. The goal is not to bring calm. But, it’s how you harness that chaos on the internal culture.” He states that the Freshly belief is that “nutrition is the single largest influencer of your well-being” and “the core of Freshly is the intersection of convenience, health and taste, and access/affordability.”

Highlights from this week’s “Marketing Today”:

  • Mayur Gupta introduces himself and explains growing up in India. (01:10)
  • What was Mayur’s path into his career? (05:25)
  • What were his transitions like between SapientNitro, Kimberly-Clark, and Freshly? (09:00)
  • What is Freshly and where can people find it? (12:39)
  • Has being a younger CMO affected Mayur’s perspective on marketing? (15:49)
  • How does he stay current in all that is steadily changing in the field? (19:38)
  • How does Mayur describe the state of data, privacy, and fraud in marketing? (22:09)
  • What are the biggest technological threats to marketers? (24:38)
  • What would it look like for academia to train future marketers? (26:23)
  • What has Mayur learned from his various opportunities? (29:16)
  • Has there been an experience in Mayur’s past that made him who he is today? (31:58)
  • What drives Mayur Gupta these days? (35:17)
  • Are there any companies, brands, or organizations that Mayur believes marketers should pay attention to? (37:56)
  • What does Mayur feel is the future of marketing? (39:28)

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