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158: Jenny Rooney Editor of the Forbes CMO Network on the state of marketing 

Jenny Rooney, Editor of Forbes CMO Network

This week on the “Marketing Today” podcast, Alan talks with Jenny Rooney, editor of the CMO Network at Forbes. Rooney, who also runs initiatives at Forbes such as the CMO Summit and the Forbes CMO University Alumni series, has 25 years of experience as a business journalist, including as a reporter and editor of CMO Strategy at Advertising Age, editor-in-chief in sales and marketing management at VNU, contributing editor at Chief Executive Magazine, and senior writer at Business 2.0.

During their discussion, Rooney discusses the role of CMOs, what is taking place in marketing currently, as well as the opportunities, popular developments, and challenges that CMOs are faced with. If you have been just as concerned about the decline of available marketing talent as the industry has, stay tuned for Jenny’s insights on what can revive this troubling trend. With her contributions and research into the ever-changing marketing space, Rooney shares what marketing leaders are up against right now.

Rooney shares her take on situations that CMOs are encountering: “CMOs need to be driving business growth,” says Rooney. “They say that CMOs are on the hot seat. And I think that is because they are constantly trying to balance short term wins against true long-term brand building.” Rooney goes on to state, “we are also judging people based on innovation and change, and to do that as a CMO, I would imagine, you feel sort of this pressure to want to experiment with things and new technologies.”

Highlights from this week’s “Marketing Today”:

  • Jenny Rooney discusses herself and how she got her start in her career. (01:15)
  • Does Jenny have an interest in working as a CMO? (04:50)
  • How does Jenny feel about the state of marketing today? (06:55)
  • Does Jenny believe the role of the CMO is changing? (09:54)
  • Who is impressing her these days? (12:21)
  • What is being done about the talent issue in the industry? (15:14)
  • Jenny describes the Forbes CMO University Alumni series. (18:01)
  • How does Jenny make sense of all of the things that are influx in the industry? (22:27)
  • What is on the horizon for marketing leaders? (26:31)
  • Are there any threats to CMOs? (30:05)
  • Has there been an experience in Jenny Rooney’s past that made her who she is today? (32:59)
  • What advice would Jenny give her younger self? (37:08)
  • What drives Jenny these days? (38:35)
  • Are there any companies, brands, or organizations that Jenny believes marketers should pay attention to? (39:04)
  • What does Jenny Rooney see for the future of marketing? (41:10) 

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