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155: Don Lane CMO at Saucony on the first 100 days

Don Lane, CMO at Saucony

This week on “Marketing Today,” Alan interviews Don Lane, the Chief Marketing Officer at Saucony, the sneaker and apparel manufacturer. Don’s discussion covers his expansive marketing career, including 21 years at the Boston-based agency Arnold, followed by Draft Kings, before his relatively new move to Saucony.

Lane discusses Saucony’s new marketing moves from avocado toast sneakers that caught the attention of Jimmy Fallon to Dunkin running shoes for the Boston Marathon. He discusses how these ideas come about and how the company is able to capitalize on the opportunities when they present themselves.

Additionally, Saucony unveils its “Run for Good” positioning as well as useful advice regarding ways to give your brand purpose that customers can connect to. Lane explains, “this world needs brands and politicians and artists and people that stand for goodness, and so that’s what we are going to stand for.”

Highlights from this week’s Marketing Today:

  • 01:10 – Don Lane discusses his father’s extensive creative director career.
  • 04:29 – What was Don Lane’s experience at Arnold like?
  • 08:20 – What did Don learn that benefited him at Saucony?
  • 11:03 – How did Don start off at Saucony?
  • 14:30 – What is Don’s go-to methodology for research?
  • 17:30 – Where is Saucony getting their product design ideas?
  • 20:37 – How did the Saucony/Dunkin Donuts collaboration occur?
  • 25:08 – What is the idea behind the “Run for Good” Saucony marketing campaign?
  • 32:01 – How does Don think about the creative process and what does it mean to manage it?
  • 34:22 – How did Don Lane meet Adam Grant?
  • 36:36 – Has there been an experience in Don’s past that made him who he is today?
  • 39:06 – What advice would Don give to his younger self?
  • 40:17 – What fuels Don Lane these days?
  • 41:04 – Are there any companies, brands, or organizations that Don believes marketers should pay attention to?
  • 44:47 – What does Don Lane see for the future of marketing?

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