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146: Alan Schulman’s jazz sensibility and creative vision

Alan Schulman, Chief Creative Officer, Deloitte Digital

At the Adobe Summit, Alan sat down with Alan Schulman, managing director and chief creative officer at Deloitte Digital US. Schulman discusses Deloitte Digital’s scope of capabilities and offerings: everything from a customer strategy and applied design capability to help clients imagine products and services they don’t have but might need to designing and prototype building to its advertising and e-commerce offerings.

In the course of their conversation, Schulman talked about the modern relationship between CMOs and CIOs (“The way you run marketing versus the way you engage the customer is really a team sport.”); the dawning of the age of AI; how being a jazz musician has informed his career as a creative leader; and the velocity of technological change and its impact on culture, content, and creativity.

Highlights from this Marketing Today conversation include:

  • Schulman details Deloitte Digital’s considerable breadth of offerings. (:48)
  • In tandem: How CMOs and CIOs now have to work together. (5:24)
  • Siren song: the seduction period of AI and where creative fits in its world. (9:16)
  • Ready for your solo? Schulman’s jazz background informs how he builds creative teams. (13:17)
  • Schulman talks about “content at the speed of culture.” (17:46)
  • Schulman: “People say content is king. I say, context is king.” (21:14)
  • Three key things for Schulman: purpose, point of view, and personality. (24:11)