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145: From historic font foundry to creating modern brands

Bill Connolly, Kelly O'Neill at Monotype

At the Adobe Summit, Alan had the opportunity to talk with Kelly O’Neill and Bill Connolly of Monotype, a foundry that is home to some of the most-recognized fonts in the world, among them are Arial, Gill Sans, and New Times Roman. At Monotype, O’Neill is senior director of product management and Connolly is director of content.

During this conversation, O’Neill and Connolly discuss Monotype’s heritage, its evolution into a brand company, and the challenges and opportunities emerging technologies, VR and AR in particular, have provided. They also discuss their companies acquisition of Olapic and how that company aligns with them strategically.

Highlights from this Marketing Today conversation include:

  • The Monotype story: its history, its evolution into a brand company, and the challenges it faces in new environments. (:51)
  • Monotype’s strategic alignment with Olapic. (3:16)
  • Monotype has its eye on AR and VR. (8:01)
  • Connolly and O’Neill discuss advice they’ve received, their reliance on LinkedIn for information, and their love for the creative process and contagious passion. (12:24)