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131: Ryan Bonnici of G2 Crowd talks inbound marketing, content creation, and his motivation to succeed

In this week’s episode of “Marketing Today,” Alan talks with Ryan Bonnici, chief marketing officer for G2 Crowd. A self-admitted unconventional thinker, Bonnici started his career in an unconventional way — as an international flight attendant. But Bonnici used his time in the air to talk with the executives in first class and gain an understanding of the way they think. More importantly, a connection he made provided him with a conventional opportunity: a job at Microsoft.

In addition to Microsoft, Bonnici has worked for companies like ExactTarget, Salesforce, HubSpot, and now with G2 Crowd. In this freewheeling and frank conversation, Bonnici reveals some of the decisions he’s made — that have paid off big — and the thinking behind them. And like a lot of successful marketers, Bonnici believes in taking chances, even if you don’t always succeed: “The best way to learn,” say Bonnici, “is just to do and to fail — and to learn from that.”

Highlights from this week’s “Marketing Today” podcast include:

  • Bonnici discusses his background and career path. (1:15)
  • Bonnici says G2 Crowd thinks of itself as the world’s largest business commerce marketplace. (6:16)
  • “A philosophy of attraction” — Bonnici’s thoughts on inbound marketing. (7:31)
  • How Bonnici turned $6K into $64 million for HubSpot. (10:08)
  • “A little bit naughty, a little bit defiant.” Bonnici reveals his thinking on selling ideas in. (16:22)
  • What Bonnici is up to now at G2 Crowd. (21:19)
  • Bonnici on the divide between brand-building and performance marketing. (24:04)
  • Pay attention when hiring and provide specific and detailed feedback: Bonnici on his approach to team-building. (26:29)
  • “An extroverted introvert” — Being bullied as a child gave Bonnici “serious motivation” to succeed. (36:22)
  • From fitness and project management to travel and meditation — Bonnici reveals some of the brands he admires. (39:32)