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127: Bob Hoffman: The Ad Contrarian Strikes Again

In this week’s episode of “Marketing Today,” it’s déjà vu all over again. Bob Hoffman, The Ad Contrarian, returns for his third visit on the podcast. Bob and Alan can’t decide if it’s a case of the third time being a charm or if it’s three strikes and you’re out. In any case, it’s a treat for the listener because Hoffman is, as always, blunt, profane, and hilarious —and he takes no prisoners.

During the course of his conversation with Alan, Hoffman talks about the state of advertising as he sees it, his recent contribution to “Eat Your Greens,” published by the APG as part of their 50 Years of Planning celebration, his take on Facebook, and his new book, “Laughing@Advertising.” The book is a compilation of articles from Hoffman’s blog, The Ad Contrarian, and Hoffman describes it as “the silliest, most injudicious and, perhaps, irresponsible marketing book you’ve ever read.”

But we all know that really means the book is filled in equal measure with incisive analysis and barbed wit coupled with Hoffman’s trademark shoot from the lip approach. Or as he likes to say, “I look at my job as being subversive. I think the industry needs some subversive voices who are willing to challenge the aristocrats.”

Highlights from this week’s “Marketing Today” podcast include:

  • Hoffman on why this book, “Laughing@Advertising,” and why now. (4:56)
  • Advertising’s Final Solution. (8:38)
  • Just in time for the holidays: Hoffman’s philosophy of gift-giving. (15:05)
  • Hoffman on Facebook’s new CMO: “I think that’s the worst job in the world.” (17:28)
  • Hoffman’s perspective on the ANA. (19:52)
  • The most absurd thing Hoffman’s thinking about right now: What if Martin Sorrel bought back WPP? (25:58)
  • Hoffman still reads newspapers — in print. (26:52)
  • Missed opportunity: The advertising industry is missing out by not marketing to people over 50. (28:36)

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