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120: Julie Eaton of Corian Design: “Pivot and keep moving forward”

In this week’s episode of “Marketing Today,” Alan talks with Julie Eaton, vice president and general manager at Corian Design, a unit of DuPont. Eaton’s 23-career at DuPont started in manufacturing and technology before evolving into roles in product leadership, first with Kevlar and now in her current position with Corian Design.

During the course of her conversation with Alan, Eaton discussed the “new” DuPont, the challenges of launching a brand inside a larger company, and how she always strives to bring learning with her to every new role she takes on. And she talked about what it means for Corian Design to transition from product brand to master brand, “As we looked at where we were headed, we saw the possibility to be so much more,” said Eaton. “We are so proud to be a part of DuPont, which continues to stand for innovation and differentiated high-performing products that make a meaningful difference in the world.”

And she added this about Corian Design’s new direction, “Architects and designers and consumers create beautiful spaces that are healing, that are calm, that are tranquil, that are fun. And so our orientation is to be a part of that and facilitate that.”

Highlights from this week’s “Marketing Today” podcast include:

  • Eaton talks about the “new” DuPont and her 23-year career there. (1:14)
  • Living at the intersection of strategy and execution. (4:06)
  • Leaning into marketing: Eaton on her current role at Corian Design. (6:08)
  • With the launch of Corian Design in 2017, there has been a conscious shift from product brand to master brand. (8:03)
  • Corian Design and DuPont: “Creating a new capability inside the company.” (10:47)
  • Piloting, testing, learning, building: Eaton on efforts in China and India. (12:50)
  • Eaton is fueled by her faith, her family…and, oh yeah, running marathons. (18:21)
  • Eaton on her admiration for Lauren Bush’s FEED, a company with products created to engage people in the fight against hunger. (19:17)