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Marketing Today with Alan Hart

Alan Hart, host of Marketing Today, goes behind the scenes with the world's best marketers and business leaders. Listen to learn from the best of the best. What makes a great brand, marketing campaign, or turnaround. Learn from the stories of these great leaders and how you can unleash your potential.

Nov 30, 2016

Molly Swenson is CMO of RYOT, an immersive media company founded in Los Angeles in 2012 and recently acquired by AOL and The Huffington Post.

She’s also a badass.

Molly was a White House intern in the Obama administration, performed as a contestant on “American Idol” and designed philanthropic strategies for Kobe...

Nov 23, 2016

Rachel Tipograph left her role as global director of digital and social media at Gap after a conversation with her boss where she asked, “How do we drive sales on the web, not annoy people, and even make Gap cool again at the same time?” His reply: “If you figure that out, that’s a billion-dollar idea.”


Nov 16, 2016

Meaning is the new luxury. It’s not logos and labels but products that are made with thought and care — products that are authentic with great stories to tell, according to Bridget Russo, chief marketing officer at Shinola. “We’ve learned that place matters. For us, our home is Detroit. That story of provenance...

Nov 9, 2016

Roll Cast Advisors’ Drew Miller believes marketing is all about relationships

Drew Miller, founder and CEO of Roll Cast Advisors in Austin, Texas, thinks marketing done well forms meaningful relationships between companies and people. And meaningful relationships grow and thrive when companies deliver something...